A festival for futures and systemic thinkers, innovation-seekers, creatives, purpose-driven organizations and policy-makers to collectively create the futures of urban lives, equitable societies through and beyond technology.


Democratizing futures

On the 50th anniversary of Portuguese democracy, we gather in Lisbon to tackle global futures. Join us in nourishing a common language between specialists and a broader audience to co-create narratives encouraging action.


Estufa Fria is more than an oasis of serenity in the city. It embodies the paradigm shift that Future Days envisions.

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21 march

Welcome and Tour

14h — 16h

After a warm welcome, volunteers will guide different groups to their previously chosen meeting spots. Each path is an immersive journey tailored to each group’s interest, connecting them with change-makers, design studios, and collectives shaping the Futures we envision right in the heart of Lisbon.


16h — 22h

Such expansive experiences will generate incredible insights. The different groups will gather to converse, network, and share new inputs. To close a magical evening, this moment will be accompanied by delicious drinks and catering.

22 march

Entrance and Registration
8:00 — 9:00

Exploring the links and blurs between construction, mobility, and energy, focusing on the sustainability of future cities to foster a greener and more resilient tomorrow.

Explore the future of:

13:00 — 14:00

Inquiring new approaches for inclusive and adaptable governments, healthcare, and education systems by exploring how these sectors can foster more participative and transparent practices for equitable societies.

Explore the future of:

Network and Drinks
18:30 — 21:30

23 march

Entrance and Registration
8:00 — 9:00

Diving into the possibilities of creativity through food, design, and performing arts as a way to foster innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration between and beyond human talents and technology.

Explore the future of:

13:00 — 14:00

The festival has a transformational role that will galvanize everyone’s presence and visions into an actionable framework, through newly formed connections and intersections — ideas will soon be reality.

In our final activity, all of these solutions, creations, and visions will be stirred in a collective brainstorm to develop a solid strategy for the imminent tomorrow. Together, we’ll shape the path of Lisbon into the world’s most future-oriented city.

Network and Drinks
18:30 — 21:30


Starting point of new conversations that disclose knowledge, inspire and empower

Co-creation brought to its true sense, building on diverse perspectives that foster insights for action

Immersive interactions that give birth to alternative narratives and transcend overtime

The very core of our platform: moments of exchange through spaces of synergies and encountering.

Experience Future Days 24

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Future Days is a global platform where actionable narratives find a common language to foster positive change.


  1. Encouraging participatory dynamics.
  2. Scoping for an inclusive world.
  3. Questioning current realities.
  4. Transforming ideas into action.
  5. Shaping responsible paths.
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